Chip race mats

Posted on 04/08/2008 at 10:47:11 AM by David Patt

I was amazed to learn there are races that use the chip but only have one mat - at the finish line. 

That is useless. 

The purpose of a chip race is to record the elapsed time between a runner crossing the start line and the finish line.  Without a start line mat AND a finish line mat that can't be done.

Using only one mat does nothing for the runner.  Chip time would always be the same as gun time, so runners who take a long time to get across the start line would not benefit from chip use.  The only advantage is that the race director would not have to recruit a finish line crew.

If you use the chip (which you don't have to do) always have mats at the start and finish line - and at the farthest point on the course, to deter cheaters.

If you can't afford more than one mat, then don't use the chip.

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