Making races even better! can help you learn how to produce a high quality race that runners will remember.  Our special focus is small, community races.

Services are provided by David M. Patt, CAE, founder and former Executive Director of Association of Running Event Directors, and past Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA).  David knows what runners expect and understands how race directors can meet those expectations.   

Training info for Race Directors

You can check out topics covered in past programs of the Association of Running Event Directors, which attracted the largest gatherings of race directors in the Chicago and Detroit areas, and get valuable training info from these webinar slides.

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Here's feedback from educational sessions presented by Association of Running Event Directors:

"My brain has been working overtime with all of your suggestions and ideas.  Awesome training session!"  Nancy Smith, UEA Staywell Chairperson, Shelby Township MI

"I am a long time runner and new Race Director.  I found the sessions to be informative, concise, and very helpful.  You sure know your runners!!  Donna Gale, Joliet Park District, Joliet IL

"You have no idea what an inspiration and help you've been.  You'll be hearing more from us!! Thanks, again."  Jan Wilson, Springfield Road Runners Club, Springfield IL

"The seminar that I attended in the winter has been the single smartest thing we have done in planning our first 5k race."  Joe Brennan, Grand Rapids MI

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend the seminar.  It was very informative and I walked away with many things I was not aware of and many new ideas!  It was GREAT!!!  Connie Frazier, Wedgewood Wellness Run, Grand Rapids MI

"It was a great event for both beginners and advanced level race directors.  Be prepared to take tons of notes and learn a lot from the speakers and from your peers.  Overall, a great learning experience!" Kenneth Chen, Valley Forge Revolutionary Run, King of Prussia PA

"Thank you for all of your help this past year, you really helped us in a number of ways to become more professional."  Michael Skipper, Lake City Marathon, Winona Lake IN

"Great seminar - we picked up a lot of tips and ideas, and had some of our concerns/opinions regarding running a race validated so we can bring the information back to our board members."  Kathie Paravola, CASA Cares, Wheaton IL

"Thank you so much, your presentation was one of two that I really enjoyed and found useful."  Chris Cotten, Harrisonville Parks and Recreation, Harrisonville MO

"I found your session very interesting and informative.  I am now more knowledgeable on the subject thanks to your session and this information."  Suzanne Waghorne, Carol Stream Park District, Carol Stream IL

"Thank you for the Race Director's seminar this past Saturday.  I am new to the Race Director world and found it to be helpful and beneficial."  Mike Wiersema, Bright Hope International, Hoffman Estates IL

"It was a great seminar - I really enjoyed all the resources that were shared."  Deborah Mikula, Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority, Howell MI

"What a pleasant surprise it was to arrive home a few minutes ago and check my email to find your presentation here already!!  Thank you so much and also thank you for such an informative and well-planned lecture at the convention."  Kate Tarr, L.A. Leggers, Los Angeles CA

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No gifts

Posted on 11/22/2012 at 10:57:37 AM by David Patt
NEVER use your position as Race Director for personal gain.  Do not give anybody the impression they can do business with your event or organization if they give you favors (or bribes?). Do not accept gifts, honoraria, or any monetary or in-kind contributions in your role as race director.  Do not accept product from sponsors.  Tell the provider of the gifts that you are prohibited from accepting them. Anything that cannot be tactfully turned down should be handed over to the organization (not the race management company) that owns the race.  It should be raffled off, auctioned, or donated to a worthy recipient. If you are a volunteer race director, you should not receive any compensation for your hours of toil.  You agreed to do this for nothing. If you are a paid race director, your fee is your compensation.  You should not receive anything else. Check out the RRCA Race Director Code of Ethics for detailed standards of conduct.